New Proposal For Housing Needs In South Korea

Students Design Competition
In collaboration with Ariel Rodríguez and Alejandro Mieses

Certain characteristics are unique to housing demands due to its capacity for activating
every other program. These demands produce strong relations to commerce and education
alongside, religion and health.

Contemporary site-specific architecture poses boundaries to these relationships. Site
specific projects demand vehicle transportation in suburban areas, impractical pedestrian
spaces, and limited green space alongside other natural deterrence.

These urban planning determinations are being reconsidered, we propose the housing as a
physical union among the urban context. By the means of the abolishment of airspace, housing
solutions can link and grow between all programs, it can create transportation mediums of
pedestrian character, whit green pocket-spaces and earth friendly amenities.

The extensive surface derived from such arrangement makes for sure energy management by
medium of a photovoltaic coating. The abolishmente of air space resulting from rethinking the
position of housing in absolute relativity in regards to other city conditions, bring forth
mayor advantages to a city’s functional development as well as economic.